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As a CIO for more than eight years across two organizations, twelve years as senior IT Leader, and more than twenty years’ experience in IT Leadership at different levels, I met many IT Leaders in need of help. At “CIO Roundtable” and “CIO Forum” events, I often found CIOs and IT Directors who were new to the IT Leadership role, and did not know how to create an IT strategy, or how to generate an IT vision. I met new CTOs who had difficulty creating a technology roadmap, and new IT Managers who were unequipped to effectively manage their technology infrastructure and operations.

When I ask these IT Leaders and IT Managers if an outside mentor would be useful, to help them generate their IT strategy or implement IT best practices, they tell me such a service would have helped them to quickly “get their feet under them” and become productive.

I created IT Mentor Group to provide IT Executive coaching, advising, and mentoring. I want to help IT Leaders and IT Managers be more successful.

Jim Hall

Jim Hall

CEO & Founder

An innovative, high-achieving CIO and Senior IT Leader with significant experience in higher education, government, and corporate environments backed by skills in organizational development, project management, and technology development.

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