Take IT to the next level

Let us help the current CIO or IT Director to update (or generate) an IT strategy that aligns with the company’s changing needs. We’ll provide you an overview of the IT organization and give recommendations to align the IT organization to meet the company’s new direction.

Help you as CIO

Let us help you with a “two in the box” scenario, where an experienced CIO provides advising, coaching, and mentoring to the current CIO or another IT Leader. Helps the CIO to get their feet under them, including generating an IT strategy and communicating that strategy to the CEO and to the IT team.

Need an interim CIO?

If you’re a growing company, bring in an outside CIO to manage your IT organization. We’ll work with you to define the CIO or IT Leader position who best fits the company’s needs. Helps the CEO to hire the right IT Leader for the overall organization.

Improve your IT Security

You’ll benefit from an outside IT Leader mentor who can help you identify and understand different cyber risks, and communicate those risks effectively to company leadership or to the Board. Also help the company to create a cybersecurity team, including defining staff roles and IT security practices they need to adopt, and present the business case for IT Security to the Board.

Implement best practices

An outside IT Leader mentor can help you understand the maturity of the IT organization. We’ll review current support models, recommend IT operational improvements, help establish an IT documentation library, and outline a path to establish IT best practices.

Modernize your organization

Bring in an outside IT Leader mentor to help you reimagine how technology can benefit the business, such as replacing paper-driven processes with technology, or automating manual processes. Leverage new technology models including Cloud Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and other IT Services concepts.


Looking for an immediate boost to your leadership team? Let us propose a workshop to help your strategic teams address the big issues and move the organization forward. Workshops can be as short as an hour, or as long as a full day. We’ll customize the content to your needs.

Jim Hall I can help IT Leaders raise the bar in their organization.

Jim Hall — Founder & CEO